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Monthly Archive: October 2017

Taking Care Of Your Car

Undoubtedly we all love our hard earned vehicle whether it is new or old and we would do a lot of things to make it look good. However, it is important to know what are the most crucial things in day to day car care. If you have no clue about this, well read on!

Cleaning the interior and the exterior

The first step in taking care of anything is keeping it clean. So make sure you wash the exterior of the vehicle with a mild car wash and rinse it properly. All the soap has to be washed off or else the result would be a lot worse than never washing the car. Do this regularly depending on how dirty your car gets. If you park the car under trees and there are birds around, you may need to wash the car every day.

Just like the exterior the interior also needs to be cleaned but not so regularly. You can vacuum the car seats, the mats, etc. about once a month.

If you are too busy to do it yourself you can always take your vehicle to a car service from Peakhurst station.

Check liquid

Regularly check the levels of engine oil and coolant levels. If they go below the minimum acceptable level you need to refill them quickly. Make sure you do the check on even ground or else the readings would be different each time you check and you will not be able to ascertain whether you actually have enough fluids or not.

Also check the wiper liquids regularly; you run out of them when it is least convenient!

Keep the wheels in check

The tires are one of the most important components of any vehicle. Therefore, see that they are in good condition and that they have sufficient air. You can easily check the tire pressure every time you refuel your car. If you are driving a model which has a spare wheel make sure you check that it is not flat so that you will not end up having to look for a professional mechanical provider in the middle of nowhere because your spare wheel is not in usable condition when have a flat tire.

In order to use the tires for longer without having issues, the best trick is to rotate them every time you change oil. This means you put the back tires to the front and the front to the back. This may even help you to identify wheel alignment issues as the wear of the tire is uneven when there are alignment issues.If you take care of these obvious things, you will surely be able to use your vehicle for much longer than intended in supreme quality.